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For a perfect interaction in a band you not only have to master your own part and your instrument, but also know and understand
everything about the parts and the instrument from the "world" of your fellow musicians.
Also simultaneous listening, while handling your own instrument, empathy, intuition and presence have to be sharpened.
Also for a visually successful, emotionally moving and rousing performance, the whole band must pull together.

In the band coaching I convey through unusual exercises, which are a lot of fun, (also from improvisation and acting),
how to get to know your fellow musicians and their instruments better. I show you how to communicate better in the band
and how to listen to each other and also how to improve your communication with the audience
......and above all: How to grasp and feel the music more as a "whole".
My exercises and philosophy are based on over 30 years of band experience
and on my wonderful mentor and teacher "Victor W. Wooten" (USA)

Prices depend on band size, number of hours and travel distance.

Feedbacks from Bandcoachings

You are doing SO great, as after a preceding uplifting praise, the constructive critisism,
which couldn't be more helpful and precise is wrapped into a beautiful gift, which one accepts with joy.
I really love you and am very impressed by your work!
Heartfelt hug. Thomas (Sax & vocals)
Well, that was another great experience and easily exceeded my expectations. Some of it we can already implement at the next gig.
I'll try to bring in the messages in the band again and again in the near future.
Volker (Keyboards)
That was great yesterday! A great evening, a great woman, great tips, a great band. I got a lot out of the evening, .... a lot of things really hit home.
Franky (Trumpet)
I thought the coaching was absolutely great and I hardly slept a wink tonight.
We got our asses kicked and rightly so!  ;-)
I think we can really pull out a lot and I'm sure Sandrina is just the one, who can give me and us the right polish and the important self-confidence!
All in all, a great evening – I learned a lot and had a lot of fun with my favorite band !
Farina (Vocals)
The workshop was an enrichment. My fingers are still glowing now.
Paolo (bass)
It was again a great experience.
Uwe (guitar)

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