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  1. for the singer
    The demands on the singer are quite different in the recording studio than in live singing.
    There are many tricks & tips especially for

    studio recordings. e.g.....sing with the right breath flow, proper breathing, consonant work, avoiding sibilants,
    the right distance from the mic, the right emotional mood, accuracy and concentration,
    subtleties in articulation and dramaturgy, controlling dynamics, singing and doubling background vocals, ecetera.
    ... and above ALL...getting the most out of your voice,
    ..... every vocal color and subtlety, for both speech and vocals,
    And we`ll find out what is still missing, or can still be optimized and enriched.
    The perfect studio quality teaches you to listen carefully, to distinguish nuances,

    to recognize and work out your vocal strengths and to bring your voice under control.
    In addition, there is always support through well understandable feedback.
    Recording and listening together, which sharpens your power of judgment,
    has a great learning effect and improves every further recording enormously.
    Coaching takes place above the roofs of Parkstadt Schwabing,
    where the day-lit Sound of Sedona Recording Studio is located.

    recording technique/production with music software
    Working with music software (Logic Audio pro on Mac) and producing and arranging original songs,
    is one of my favorite teaching activities and I enjoy helping musicians
    to be able to make their music ideas audible, independently from others.
    Prices:1 teaching unit (90 min.) 150.-

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