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  Thank you for your wonderful feedback
I feel blessed to be able to work with you

This singing workshop in Tuscany was probably the most brilliant event I have participated in for a long time.
Simply great. What a gift. Thank you thank you thank you !
Challenging , encouraging , full of ideas, promoting competence...and you always leave the classroom with a good feeling.
Thank you for a great week and so many great moments. The time has meant a lot to me.
It is impossible to put into words how much the time in your workshops helps you.
It is not only a journey to yourself - it is much more than that ! It is about the soul, about the body, about other people.
About "opening up" . I came back a different person.
I was and am enthusiastic from the first day. Your way of reaching people is wonderful. My expectations and hopes were exceeded
and I am completely flabbergasted by the strict and at the same time relaxed organization. Very well thought out....Toll....
Highly recommended. Professional singing and show training combined with pure joie de vivre! Simply the best!
Sandrina showed me a new way to deal with music.
Sandrina conveyed purposefully what music & art is all about.... Music professors almost never achieve very good. 
Sandrina is a firework of sentiments and messages with helpful pictures and examples. A demanding and encouraging loving bundle of energy.
Superhammergenious ! Through you I was finally able to let go of my fears and inhibitions for a while, which I think is soo great.
It was just great. I took away so much....simply incredible .
There is an incredible amount of love is what she does and that is exactly what she conveys. Sandrina is a consummate professional.
I have learned a lot from you not only musically and professionally, but also as a person.
You perfectly convey the "fuck-you-nothing-then-you-miss-you-nothing-feeling" .
The life and the charisma that you convey, I will try to keep. Thank you.
Sandrina is fascinating to watch, all the way. Totally ! She awakens and strengthens the desire to imitate it in a way that makes it possible.
It is an absolute highlight to get to know her and I would have loved to have had her in my life earlier.
You made your way into my heart in a hurry.
a beautiful soul with limitless abilities and a profoundly gifted teacher fully equipped to be a master.

I like to listen to you, I like to watch you, I like to observe you.
Your way is always motivating, inspiring and fascinating. One always benefits, always, always.
You open one's eyes, mind, heart, soul, voice. I try to take it all in and internalize it. are the best.
I'll cut a slice off you if that's ok :-)
She`s the best you can get.... very well organized, can get a lot out of you in a short time, (must be a magician) ,
always funny and fun, affectionate and just to feel good. She understands how to bring complicated things to the point
and make them understandable for everyone.  She transfers her joy of improvisation to the students and takes away their fear of it.
Her endless patience is also admirable.
You are like a sunrise that makes the sun rise in me too and makes all the flowers in me bloom.
It will remain an unforgettable weekend and you will forever have a place in my heart.
Sandrina, It was soooo beautiful with you.... Just way too short!  You are so wonderful <3"
You helped me a lot not only musically, but also humanly showed and said a lot. Thank you Thank you 1**
Big praise. Huge praise. I am totally flabbergasted that there are people like you. Never had such a great teacher.
Sandrina, with you one can have so much fun. Without stress, ...often a push, if one does not dare and you catch us.
You are a sunshine. Singing is fun with you.
The madness . Sandrina gets everything out of you and tries to teach you everything in the shortest possible time....amazing. ...
the best singing teacher I ever had in my entire life. So focused to everyone !
Excellent - very result oriented lessons, absolutely individual and very human.
The commitment and expertise go far beyond what one might normally expect.
So, all those who weren't at the workshop can get angry already that they weren't there !
...all the improvisations, inspirations....
It was a wonderful week with many inner and outer experiences ! I will definitely come again.
Dear Sandrina, I am still full of happiness. I think I have never felt so good on stage :-)
I really found the time with you so beautiful and somehow liberating for my soul
it has loosened and opened my soul. Very diversified, exciting, sensitive.
Absolutely feel-good atmosphere and exciting lessons. 
Delicate and powerful, strong and vulnerable, sensitive and determined.
There was an explanation and a solution for everything that was not feasible.
Learning was fun this way
Great empathy, joy of teaching, love of music.
Expertise in a wide field, taught with love and warmth.
The workshop was a real enrichment.
A competent teacher and vocal coach.
Sandrina is competent and knows how to perform without being boring.
She convinces with good imagery. One understands everything.
Brilliant- I learned so much, much practical but also theoretical input and motivation.
Exactly THAT is what I needed.
I am very satisfied .
Sandrina opened many new dimensions in singing .
very sorted and structured, great fun factor, with a lot of ease .
The week was motivating and enriching, varied, educational and entertaining.
It was really, and this is not only my opinion, a gift to have met you. You are a very extraordinary person
and have the enviable gift of touching other people in a very intimate way. It was almost magical, you are still in a kind of trance.
by the way also the rest of the troupe ... I am thrilled by: You , your professionalism , your competence , your "craziness" ,
Your way of dealing with people, things and topics and of course your fabulous voice.
Stay exactly as you are , I personally take away positive impressions and I'm sustainably very impressed .
Dear Sandrina, thank you very much. It was an unforgettable weekend with you. I take so much with me. I would never have thought that possible!
Your way how you teach us e.g. actually dry as dust vocal cord technique, is unique.
You transform all this into something interesting, easy and understandable.
Also your positive charisma touched me deep in my heart. I will NEVER forget your games to build my self-confidence!
Please stay as you are, so that you can continue to pass on your POSITIVE energy to others. Your vocal coaching was pure magic for me !
There is no other way to describe it. You have conjured with your aura such a positive energy in our training room,
that one could not see, but could almost feel.  You understood wonderfully how to teach us the difficult singing techniques
with great fantasy images to bring closer.  Thank you "!   You did exercises with us so that we could learn to appreciate and love ourselves in writing.
You have such a gift to get the best out of each individual and -more importantly- you give everyone confidence in themselves !
Yes, dear Sandrina, I found your course almost a "spiritual " experience !
I can only repeat myself by saying that there was something that could not be seen, but could be felt under the skin.
I am very happy to have met you !!! You have brought the best out of me and now it is up to deep solidarity Thank you !
Dear Sandrina, you are a wonderfully magical person and this weekend was full of magical moments for me.
You managed to lure my soul out of its hiding place. My soul only wants to make music from now on,
and apparently singing techniques come all by themselves, if only the soul is ready for it. We will definitely see each other again soon,
because to be able to learn all this from you is " LIFE CHANGING " !!! So once again thank you for this experience and I look forward to the next time.
Dear Sandrina, you are a very good teacher, have a bomb voice ! Thank you for the tips and tricks. I enjoyed the course very much
and I have learned a lot. Now I dare to rock the stage :-) Stay as you are, because you are priceless. I look forward to seeing you again.
Hello dear Sandrina, I have the feeling that I have learned so much in these days
that I am almost overflowing with enthusiasm and will start practicing right away at home.
No one has ever explained to me so clearly how everything works with singing and where all the mistakes come from and what you can do about them.
You drove the tick out of me that my voice just doesn't sound good.
You were sympathetic, sometimes "a weng" sympathetic crazy, but just sympathetic. Come back soon for sure ! There is still soooo much to learn !
Dear Sandrina, thank you very much for the great workshop. You explained things very well, so that I understood them.
Your way of teaching is very entertaining, exciting, professional and very appreciative. You are very authentic and have a great pleasant manner,
so that one can let go of one's inhibitions. You are a great person. I am glad that I got to know you.
Continue to have fun and joy with your work. You make a lot of people very happy.
Dear Sandrina, to experience you is simply enriching! You touch me with your way, what you have brought out of me and the others
and what precious treasures you discover in us and in yourself. Your voice is so multifaceted that it is always a new surprise,
because I never know what to expect from the next note. You inspire me and I know that this will accompany me for quite a while in everyday life.
Thank you so much for everything you have given and taught us.
I especially liked that you got EVERYTHING out of us. I found your coaching very well balanced (input & practice & things from your wealth of experience).
The exercises were all just great !!! You have a very pleasant appreciative way that motivates me to dare.
You create a great workshop atmosphere. Your explanations are so precise and pictorial that one knows what you mean and how to change it.
You have a wonderfully refreshing way - the crazy bird in you is fun!  I think it's good that you give the exercises your own style.
All in all: a great course with you!
Dear Sandrina. What I would like to say to you cannot be written down in a single day. I would need forever for that.
First of all, I would like to thank you for giving me some answers to questions that have occupied me for years.
I know it will give me a huge push forward to really work on myself now. It has been a lot of fun working with you
I am very very glad that I was able to get to know some of your "thousand faces".
I have then chosen the one that I liked the best.  The face of a great man with infinite power, and a charisma ,
which has touched me very deeply. The face of a person who has so much to give and does it with a joy and passion that it gives you `ne fat goose bumps ,
if you only think back to it. I hope you get enough back. I would really wish it to you. Dear Sandrina, you meet many people in life,
but rarely have I seen someone like you. I am really glad that I was here and could learn something from you.
I got this workshop for my birthday and it is one of the best gifts I ever got.
You and your whole way impressed me totally. I will think of you for a long time. 
Thank you for all that I could take from you. Your new big fan.
Thank you dear Sandi, simply thank you. You always give everything and much more, so indescribable ! Until the exhaustion...Have very dear thanks for it !!!
I have never experienced a person who can share and mediate so much, create such togetherness, wow !
I am so happy that our paths have crossed ...! Where I stand today , I have to thank you in large part . Have very dear thanks for it !!!
It was very whimsical and informative, to the point, lovingly picked up where you stand. An experience that makes you want more (addiction factor:-))) THANK YOU !
...also for the respect you show to everyone without exception. 
Thank you for your tireless and unique effort and for the soul in the music. ALOHA ,Big, Big hug,
Dear Sandrina, I enjoyed it again and I think I've come a long way with everything I've done in the meantime.
(and I am over committed). The first workshop in Tuscany you,.... I remember very well all the positive and appreciative feedback.
Encouraged by you and with the rediscovered joy of singing, from then on I did a lot to work on my voice and gain experience.
Then I listened to you carefully and that spoke to me. There was unbelievable emotion, you understood what I was talking about.
In addition, this incredible power and ability to the power of three, including technique, wow. I can do a lot with your exercises
and especially with your way of teaching them. It's just fun and feels good! Without you I would not be where I am today.
Thank you Sandi, for everything that has created space in me.
Thank you for the courage you tickled out! Thank you for everything you gave me! Thanks for all & all the best for you
Dear Sandrina, it is always surprising how many new things I hear after the umpteenth workshop with you.
More and more I take things from you and implement them little by little until they become automatic.
It is nice that we have met.  It is a gift to have teachers like you.
Sandrina, I think you have given me what I was looking for and what no singing teachers I know could give me.
It is very special that you can recognize individuals in their singing and that you share your happiness in singing.  Many greetings
Thank you, dear Sandi, for your open-hearted, easy-going, cheerful and above all non-judgmental way of giving and coaching.
It s a great gift for me to be able to work with you. You gave me so much confidence and courage, exactly what I was always looking for in my teacher.
You manage to get the innermost and most intimate out of people and out of me, because I trust you!  Thank you !!! Thank you !!
I think you can convey things very well. I knew immediately what you meant. Your way of doing that is very refreshing and motivating.
One feels your great experience and therefore feels in good hands. I find your briefly touched philosophies of life inspiring.  Thank you for everything !
Dear Sandrina, thank you for the many new ideas, your presence and your great energy ! Especially the improv stuff was an enormous enrichment for me,
which bring me not only vocally, but also personally further. You convey your suggestions in the coaching with a lot of empathy
and make it easy for me to enter unknown territory.  A great experience !
Dear Sandrina, Thank you for your affection, attention and encouragement in my journey to find myself and discover new sides of and within myself.
Through your cheerfulness, your wealth of experience and your creativity I always venture a bit beyond my limits, because I know ,
I know that you will catch me musically and emotionally, should it be necessary.
I liked your course very much. I experienced you as a funny ambitious course leader,
with based know how. It was very helpful to be made aware of my skills by you.
The ease with which you individually support and pass on knowledge,
coupled with your experience, is unique !!!!! Learned a lot with fun !!! 
Thank you. I wish you continued health, much success & good friends .you're "simply the best"
Hello Sandrina, I came to this workshop without knowing what to expect. Unprejudiced I set myself up for something,
maybe the typical vocal training with a,e,i,o,u. No - it was not like that. THANK YOU ! I learned so much in these and took it with me.
Worth much more than I paid for the course. Thank you for showed me what free singing and unconstrained performance means,
what it means to get rid of your chains around it.  And the technique tips: SUPER !
I hope that I will have the opportunity to participate in one of your courses again.
Until then I want to keep working on myself. Thanks a lot & all the love
Dear Sandrina, the time at the workshop, especially with you, was very special, in the sense of different and extraordinary.
The techniques and thoughts that you have transmitted,
open a new world and lead me to form my musical interest more and to work harder and harder. Above all, it is a great technique,
to see and emphasize the good...that has always been very encouraging. You have become a great role model for me as a singer and a person!
Dear Sandrina, The course with you was a great experience for me. For quite some time now I have been working with spiritual things
and I believe that the universe always sends us things and people that support our soul growth in the best possible way.
And sometimes there is a jackpot among them, like you were mine this weekend. Your tips and methods have opened another door of the music world for me,
of which I already believed that it does not exist (anymore). Therefore a big and dear thank you. YOU ROCK !!!!!! Love and peace forever
Dear Sandrina, although I am often a bit inhibited during free singing, I really enjoyed the whole weekend.
That's because you build up such a familiarity with what you've learned and you're just so natural and free. That also gives you the courage,
to go along with such crazy things. You really understand your craft, are insanely versatile and simply have a lot of knowledge about music and what goes
You are a positive laser beam in our life.... Be embraced.
Dear Sandrina, for your great huge commitment and your professionalism and your love for us and for the detail....gaaaaaaany thanks !!!!!
Would still like to continue singing together for days and try everything again and many new things.
Now I like to take home all the inspiration, all the ideas and also concrete suggestions ! I will be back - wherever and whenever !
You are a real gift as a "total composition" !
Dear Sandrina, that was a very nice weekend. You inspired us all with your lively, free way.
Sometimes you wish you could hide, but you don't let that happen - and that's good !
I learned a lot from you, how to use the voice and get more out of it. It is fun and a pleasure to listen to you. I`ll be back !
Dear Sandrina, The course was great fun ! There was a very open and relaxed atmosphere,
so that you dared to do everything. It was a bit of a pity that there were so many participants,
because I noticed how much and how quickly I could take everything,
when I could try out your suggestions directly.  You are so good at explaining and demonstrating, that it makes you move forward quickly.
And besides, your great voice and technique encourages you to want to be able to do it too ! Until then all the best
Dear Sandrina, for the first time I am attending a singing class. I am thrilled. The hours flew by.
They were varied with a wonderful harmony between knowledge transfer and practical exercises.
You gave me the desire and joy to continue singing. And I learned to get out of my protected inner circle.
By the way...I can also say this about comparisons and experiences: you are a damn good motivator and teacher !
So keep on rocking- but also keep on teaching and motivating. I am looking forward to more courses with you. See you soon
For Sandrina, source of inspiration ! Your love for singing sparks, warms me and grabs me.
You pass on your experience and your skills with joy and pleasure. And you rejoice in the joy of singing of your course participants.
I thank you for your loving attention. It has done me so much good.
Dear Sandrina, thank you for this informative weekend, which went a little differently than I had expected.
I thought that the whole thing would have more of an "explanatory character", but you showed us things that for me go beyond singing technique.
I am motivated to work on myself again (or to get off my ass) and not to rely only on my "small circle".
In my opinion, this is also the key to progress. (I have become aware of that again). Other than that, I got the impression from the weekend with you,
that singing is not just singing, but also a kind of craft in which one can work with certain tools. D
t has also motivated me a lot and I am looking forward to start with it at home.  I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.
Dear Sandrina, it was great fun singing with you. You got us out of our shells and made us do things that we wouldn't have dared to do otherwise.
Your uncomplicated loving manner, animates and inspires, unleashes and makes you want more. You are a great singer and teacher.
You have a feeling for which song suits you and can teach you well.  Thank you for the music.
Dear Sandrina, don't ask me where I have been the last days. I don't know. But I know that this was the place I love.
A world that really exists, where nothing else, but nothing at all, is important, distracting, dazzling or just sufficient.
And you are responsible for it, gave me the key and said: I may enter .
I am allowed to BE. I can't thank you enough for that and only hope I keep your key in honor, s
o that I may become the very horniest in this wonderful place.
Thank you again for this.
Dear Sandrina-Regina (Queen), No matter what, I will always remember those 3 days here.  You fulfilled all the expectations I had,
when applying for this workshop.  I keep in mind your words : "DO IT, just do it and don`t think about it. It`s yours, so why not take it ?"
If you ever doubt yourself , then keep in mind, you are the only person which convinced me to dare and sing in front of all these people and really enjoy it !
So I owe you much. Hope I could give all in a letter. If I can't so, I will just say: THANK YOU ! Keep staying so young & ALIVE
Sandrina, I have heard your name many times before. All the nicer to be able to experience you personally.
Thank you for your authenticity, your straightforwardness and that you have opened doors for me with your refreshing manner. You leave traces !
And not only tonally. Thank you for that
Dear Sandrina, thank you very much for this great course - thank you for YOU !!!!! Super sympathetic, mega coach, clear, uncomplicated, understandable.
One feels that you really live what you teach. You are a great personality, give really great tips that can be implemented.
See you again sometime and all the best for you and Merry Christmas.
Dear Sandrina, thank you for a wonderful weekend, many valuable tips and exercises and a lot of fun in the group.
I especially liked your easy-going way and that you can bring many things to the point in such a wonderful way, for which I would probably never find words.
The coaching has really brought me further - also personally !!!!!. Thank you very much for that ! I hope I can be there again :-) best regards
Dear Sandrina, I am totally happy that I have been at your course and was able to learn so much from you.
You are such a fiery and lively person and we laughed so much with you ! In such moments the ego disappears completely and you just enjoy
and you just enjoy creating music.  I would like to thank you very much for that and give you a hug :-) It would be nice if I can be there again.
Please continue for a long time and bring so many valuable things to the people we need you :-)
Dear Sandrina, it was once again a pleasure to learn, sing, "work" and hear you sing with you!
The improvisation with you is fun and I realize that I have learned a lot,
that I have already learned a lot. What was totally difficult for me 2-3 years ago (e.g. singing solo) is now fun.
In the vocal coaching, voice development, I have learned a lot this time and would like to learn more.
You are just so versatile and I again several times crossed the red line. Yeah. Thanks
Dear Sandrina, thank you so much for letting me spend this weekend with you! Your aura, your charisma and above all the way you communicate,
Your aura, your charisma and especially the way you always see things in a positive way has impressed me deeply
and helps me to see things in a more relaxed way and to get rid of the tension.
Thank you again for a wonderful weekend under the wing of a charming woman.
Dear Sandrina, What I liked most: playful effective introduction to singing techniques with dynamics and rhythm.
It was possible for me and the group to "let off steam" in a pleasant atmosphere without having to worry about failed tones.
without having to be ashamed of unsuccessful tones and movements.  Everybody stands (stood) somewhere else and
You managed to give "beginners" and "professionals" alike what they just need.
Even if my performance in front of an audience on Saturday evening was not quite perfect, I was satisfied with my performance.
I thought your course was great, I felt very comfortable in the group and with you during the weekend, and I have taken another step forward for myself.
and I am already looking forward to a workshop with you in Tuscany.
Dear Sandrina, that was really a great workshop with you !I arrived home full of singing and at the same time I felt the same,
that I missed the group, because we were together so intensively. You can totally sweep one away with your spirited, hearty, unarrogant manner !
I arrived as a chicken, at the thought of singing to the group,
I almost peed my pants and then you dare to do things that you would not have thought possible,
that you wouldn't have thought possible. You take the fear out of yourself. You have an extensive knowledge and what I find very important,
You can also convey it and that still so that it is fun!  Despite all the effort, we had a great time for 2 days!
Under what you say, I can imagine something - even if I can not implement it yet by far - everything had a rational basis.
Your voice is powerful and your singing hits the heart. I am glad that I have another singing appointment with you the day after tomorrow.
and can redeem my birthday present with you.
Dear Sandrina, I thank you that I have you a piece in......nein,...better said, that YOU have accompanied me a piece far, in my train of life.
You have touched me very much and awakened things in me,..topics.... which I assumed I had mastered.
With your support, I have been able to experience that I do not have to shun a confrontation with the subject and am strong for facing it.
You touch me. The weekend was and is very lasting and unforgettable.... Thank you
Dear Sandrina, I arrived here fully "refueled" at home. This weekend with you as a coach and as a person was something very special for me!
Your way of imparting your knowledge, "thawing out" the group, building trust and coaxing us out of our shells in a protected setting,
I really liked it! The exercises challenged me but I did not feel overwhelmed! The weekend with you and the very nice group flew by!
I take the diaphragm training on board, as well as your lines on the subject of "loose" singing.
For me it is clear: this was not the last time I met you! Thank you.
I am absolutely thrilled and the course has definitely brought me further!
Hello dear Sandrina, for me the course was an absolute gain, not only humanly ,but also professionally! It was noticeable that you not only have a very well-founded and
and comprehensive knowledge and experience - that is the basis ,
but also with commitment and the highest concentration, you look at everyone individually, where it works,
where things might be going wrong and what a solution might be.
And I have rarely experienced that in combination! You manage to totally challenge the participants and at the same time
and at the same time a "failure" is not possible, ........genial! Greetings
Hi Sandrina, apart from being an excellent singer, you have a gift to really encourage one to step out of oneself and risk more.
I really enjoyed the course and for my next gigs I will remember your support and that of the group.
You will help me overcome any negative reviews. I hope to see you again soon. Best regards from Bonn.
Dear Sandrina, I have learned more with you in the short time than after 2 years of singing lessons. You are living your dream and I believe,
you were born to perform on stage. In everything you do you just seem so natural, it's really admirable.
Really, I'm so inspired now and I finally have a plan on HOW to do it all.
You never have to doubt yourself, but if you do, just remember: you've got it!
Dear Sandrina, I think you have already sensed that these two days have meant a lot to me. I found it wonderful to observe you at your work,
perhaps it would be better to say admire. You have such a positive, uplifting and encouraging manner, which did and does everyone good.
Your own zest for life jumps over like a spark to us, your students. You are so contagious! Thank you for the energy that one feels.
By the way, you also have an unbelievable competence in the field of music and singing.
Thanks for the great weekend, rarely laughed so much and learned so much.
Dear Sandrina, I didn't know what to expect from this seminar and it exceeded my expectations by far.
You bring so much positive energy in this regulated world. Your free thinking approaches hit me like a bomb, hit a nerve.
You bring your experiences across great. Inside I often think like that too. You helped me to get that out. It was also a lot of fun. I
m very glad that I was able to get to know you better. You bring things to the point. Warm up technique feels.
Many things that I can use in the future. Thanks to you for this
Dear Sandrina, it was a wonderful weekend, was the BEST ! Have laughed a lot, learned and had fun in every second.
Thank you and continue to have fun in your exciting life. Love and wishes
Dear Sandrina, you are infinitely inspiring to me. The possibilities that exist, you have opened new to me at this workshop.
A new world ! Thank you ! Thank you very much !
Dear Sandrina, our weekend together was a great enrichment for me. You are so full of energy and joy.
I soaked up every last drop of your experience and tips. I will certainly take a lot home with me.
I am sure we would still have a lot of fun together. Stay healthy and take care of yourself. You are a very valuable person
Dear Sandrina ! That was absolute madness! My expectations were exceeded. The workshop could not have been more versatile.
I was able to take a lot with me and I am sure that I can take some tips into my current professional life a
nd that many things will accompany me on my way.
Thank you very much for the partly very emotional moments.  A workshop that carried you along from the first second.
I am quite sure that our paths will cross again. keep up the good work !
Dear Sandrina, thank you for your patience, your openness and your way of approaching people.
If I can only take a small part of what you said and sang, it was totally worth it.
I was allowed to experience and learn a lot. With very dear greetings !P.S.: we will see each other again
Dear Sandrina, I thank you deeply for your authentic and "human" way of teaching. You know so much about life and you carry it in you as music.
Moreover, you have the rare gift of passing on this knowledge to others without lecturing. You take us on a journey to ourselves.
I know that this takes a lot of energy and I wish you a lot of energy back.
Thank you thank you thank you for the beautiful weekend with you. I am still thinking about the workshop,
I hope that you are well! Thank you for your kind words, you have given me on the way. sincerely
Dear Sandrina, I admire your impressive, warm way to create a microcosm for us, your openness and directness,
all integrated in a deep honesty and your super attitude to your work.
Dear Sandrina, you gave me so much strength and courage, ...and even worse.... You made me addicted to much more !
Thank you so much for the wonderful weekend. I look forward to a next time with you ! All the love
Dear Sandrina, I have never met a person who brings out the best in people in such a short time.
Who makes them believe in themselves. You are simply kind, open and one feels in good hands with you.
Your performance is absolutely heart touching! You have taught me things in this course that will accompany me for a WHOLE LIFE.
and brought me a big step - no - a quantum leap forward ! THANK YOU !
Two people told me today that it is unbelievably beautiful to see how my eyes sparkle....
that is the most beautiful thing, that others are carried away by my enthusiasm :-)You are really a great inspiration for me.
My band members were thrilled....I quote "what did they do to you there?!?!?" hihi....
I'm suddenly singing notes with an ease that I couldn't even start last week... without being hoarse the next day
there is only one thing left for me to say.... THANKS!!!!
Dear Sandi, was once again a highlight to do a workshop with you and experience the positive, non-judgmental energy,
....just do it, dare ! You can do that with EVERYONE ! Chapeau ! :-) and where I stand today, I stand above all because of YOU ! THANKS
Dear Sandrina, I am enthusiastic about your course and your attitude towards life - you are unique !
This looseness paired with relaxedness and creativity is great and has inspired me very much. Thank you for your openness and support.
Dear Sandrina, someone said to me: I should not expect as much as I did at the last brilliant workshop.
After all, I would know Sandrina now and know how it goes. Complete nonsense !!! It was completely different and but also totally awesome again !!!
This time I learned to let go and to trust. To trust that everything that happens is okay. To be authentic also means to pay attention to your emotions
and to transport them. Also on stage. In everything you do. So this workshop was not about recipes and tricks,
but about knowledge, attitude and confidence in oneself. I learned...stage performance also means to arouse emotions....
To prepare cornerstones, but to have the confidence to be authentic.....respect, but not to be afraid of the challenge and a task.
I really believe that my performance on stage will be completely different. Now I am liberated and ready !!!Thank you very much and see you next time.
Dear Sandrina, after this weekend I almost lack words because my heart is so filled ! With joy, laughter, courage and freshness.
With inspiration, ideas and enthusiasm to try something and with gratitude.thank you for your incredible energy and your openness in giving.
Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Thank you for your humor and the lightness you give to everyone. I
m looking forward to new adventures and I am sure that at many points in my future life as an artist your words will accompany and encourage me.
With you I can be as I am and even what I will be will find its place with you. You have opened incredibly important doors for me!
I am so full of joy and power that I seem almost unbearable good humor for my family :-)
All the best to you! See you soon for sure. Sincerely
Top workshop with a top-class instructor. Brought me a lot, especially regarding insecurities on stage.
Now I know how to move on stage without thinking about it and how to present my body according to the sung/played music.
(have been on stage for over 30 years). A few things are about to change (for the better) in our band.
Sandrina thank you very much, it was really a very instructive but also fun weekend that will accompany and help me throughout my life.
And not only in making music.
The seminar was super great.  Your way of captivating people and carrying them away is really awesome.
But I also have to admit that I never expected such a varied content. It was great, how you could switch between funny and serious content,
between singing, expression and presence. It was just stupid that the time never stopped, but that the, yes just under two days were over way too fast.
Well, to be honest, I think you could have made a 7-day seminar out of it, with at least 3 repetitions every day and I still wouldn't have had enough.
Every single part of the seminar was a highlight for me. The kick-off on Friday alone was awesome. Sandrina, I can only give you a huge praise.
You are unique for me. I think you are a great singer, you know that yourself, but I hope you also know what a great person you are.
Also the conversations with you at dinner and in between gave me a lot of pleasure. Thank you for everything!
It was a very special weekend. In fact, it has still had a powerful effect on everyone and is still having an effect.
Thank God I had a day off yesterday. There was no way I could have worked, I was still so busy processing.
In fact, I feel like I'm a completely different person.  This feeling feels incredibly good.
Presence, impact and movement on stage was one of the hardest and at the same time the easiest workshop.
Sandrina, that was really good. Your irrepressible energy and desire penetrates
directly into me and erases all blockages in an instant. Thank you very much.
Dear Sandrina, The course was super fun! Through your easy-going, funny and sympathetic manner, you got so much out of us.
I can still take a lot home with me and will try it out at the next performance!
I felt very, very comfortable - even if it took a little while until the first inhibitions fell away :-)
I will definitely recommend the workshop with you! Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you !
You guided us with a lot of feeling and flexibility through the new plans, accompanied and led us.
From your large repertoire you have selected helpful and intensive exercises for us. You have a lot of love and humanity,
with which you accompanied and guided us. This is heart work on a high level - I would like to thank you very much for that.
Your feedbacks are very helpful because they are concrete, clear and come with love.
In this way, criticism can also be accepted and further development is then possible.
By telling a lot about your own experiences, you let me participate and a common level was created.
I enjoyed the workshop with you very much and got many new ideas and suggestions.
I am looking forward to new contact with you. All the best to you
Sandrina, I just want to say thank you and hug the whole world, feel like reborn, THANK YOU thank you for the experiences and your being so.
Our words are not enough to express what a wonderful experience we had. I think each in his own way.
And thank you for loving what is inside you and bringing it out so clearly, lovingly, powerfully, joyfully, easily.
Thank you that I can and could remember and express the divine in me ,with the help of music.
I love what is inside of me and I am ready to love what wants to come out of me.
Thank you for the truthful words you have chosen for me.
United in the great spirit, carried in love, connected in feeling. Light & love and until next time
Dear Sandrina, whenever you meet someone where communication needs no words,
you met yourself and were allowed to recognize yourself. Thank you
Sandrina, you are full of energy, power and love. You touched my heart with your way, with your authenticity,
Through the encounter with you something has changed in me. I will sing. Thank you
Dear Sandrina, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I
admire how you pick up everyone exactly where he/she is. All the love
Dear Sandrina, how great that I chose your workshop as a gift for me. You and your work are a real enrichment
in my treasure chest of beautiful experiences. Thank you very much for that ! I notice how strongly the weekend is working in me. Amazing!
And it was the door opener for me to go a next, important step for me. I could not have imagined this step last week.
Everyone was very touched by your work and you as an apparition. It always impresses me to meet people,
who live themselves and do not let themselves live driven (without noticing it). All the best and see you soon
Dear Sandrina, wow, again a very special experience with you !It all fits so well together.
Thank you and to the future let's toast. From the heart
Again a piece of the road left behind me, time to close one and the other. Appreciate the past, let the good live on,
learn from the bad. With the small word thank you I can express great things and thus go the way forward in a good way.
You have brought a lot of light into my life. For this I want to thank you with all my heart.
I wish that you meet much love and security on your way and that the light you radiate finds its way back to you. Give me a hug....
We still talk a lot about you and the great time we had with you. I don't think I'm exaggerating
when I say that you have created a wonderful place in my heart, and I thank you for that. Honestly, after not even three whole days,
no human being has ever done that. Even my wife and I needed much more time until we found each other.
But we have also become something very special. After the weekend, so many positive things started to move for me,
that I had to call "stop" at some point, because I could no longer keep up with the thanking.
I would never have thought that there can be such a thing.
You make it easy to open up more, which is not always easy. You are not only a great singer,
but also a very good teacher. Your great strength is to somehow take people by the hand. I go home enriched. Thank you and greetings
Hey Sandrina, Wow ! The workshop with you was a lot of fun. "You gave me so much, but you didn't lose anything" is exactly what I meant.
I can take so much from this , your workshop into my band and also for me personally. I feel so full of energy again.
That was not the case before the workshop. I now want to go out into the world and implement the things / tips / things I learned from you.
You are a great teacher and a hell of a singer, on the one hand quite lively, on the other hand you bring everything calmly to the point.
When we first met, we were still a "closed bunch", which you opened up.  Thank you very much for this great workshop!
Dear Sandrina, thank you very much again for your fantastic course.
You once again brought out the best in me and brought unimagined possibilities to life.
I am honestly still so emotionally touched that I can't put my feelings and joy about it into words enough.
Please stay as you are: SIMPLY MAGIC ! Thank you !
Dear Sandrina, beautiful , how you have poured out your cornucopia over us / over me.
It is "right" for me to have you as my vocal mentor for several years now.
close in my life. And you as a "private person" Sandrina I like with all my heart ! All the best for you and heart hug
Hello Sandrina! I enjoyed the workshop with our very nice group. It was very intensive and I could take a lot from your tips.
Especially the explanations about posture and singing I found very helpful.
And your diaphragm exercises with music are really fun!
See you again next time. Best regards
Sandrina. Merely knowing you is a reminder to keep my mind on the highest self 
and it is my greatest pleasure to have met you. Your voice carries such an amazing power of love
Sandrina , you brought out the best of me. your workshops are LIFE CHANGING !!!!!
You are a creator of magic moments that can transform people.
you moved me. this workshop-weekend is unforgettable.
I learned in 2 days more than I learned after 2 years of weekly lessons. Thank you.
Sandrina opens eyes, mind, heart, soul and the voice. Thank you for showing me all my treasures.
You give all and lose nothing. Incredible...*****
I wouldn´t be where I am without you. And i am sooo happy where I am .
A professional singer and teacher with his own music. Thank you so much.
the best singing teacher I ever had in my entire life. So focussed to everyone.
Even in a big group she manages to see everybody at all time ,
giving each of them what they need to become better. wow and again wow.
Sandrina is an open sea full of secrets and wisdom, where you can just jump in and dive deep
and she will share generously all her treasures with you. heart - depth - love - she IS music.
I just quit my regular job. Thank you so much. I should have done this years before....
Hooray.... you are my creative foundation.
Sandrina shows a total new side to connect with music and voice and...with yourself
You teach with heart and passion and...LOVE. Therefore it changes peoples singing.
You never criticise, but you give us ideas on how to make it better.
That makes it so easy to try things differently and feels so save,
because I can try everything without getting hurt or blamed. A
nd so I can grow quickly in my singing. Wonderful .
I do not exagerate, when I say that not even my beloved wife made the way to my heart in just 3 days like you did.
This workshop moved so much positive things inside of me that sometimes i had to think "Stop" cause my heart could not follow anymore.
i never thought that this is possible. I never learned so much in such a short time. i am still overwhealmed.
since 30 years i am on stage and only now I finally I feel comfortable with me, my body, my movements,
and you showed me how to do that without even thinking about it. Thank you for this weekend
that did not only change my stage presence and my changed so much more. I feel different and that feels good and save.
I came to this workshop expecting the typical vocal exercises, but what happened then , was  worth so much more than what I payed.
Something that money can´t buy. You showed me what it means to sing freely from the heart
and how to be fearless and authentic on stage and what it means to be free from all the chains.
This combined with all the technique-tricks. ....WOW.
You are such a positive ray of laser in my life, a sun , a dwell of inspiration. you are a artwork of  a soul and a gift for all.
Your love for music and singing is throwing sparks all around you and captured me. you share with love and passion
your knowledge and you are happy for every progress of your students.
Thank you for your loving attention. it felt so good.
I never met anybody who can share so much and move mountains in such little time.
You always give all  of you and even more. you create such big togetherness and safety.
that´s why all of your students make their way,....and so did I. Cant wait for the release of my album.
i am so blessed that you crossed my way. your teachings  have a addictivity :-)
I got this workshop as a birthday present. it was the best present i ever got in my life.
You are a source of great inspiration in my life
challanging, encouraging, full of ideas and new ways.... and the best thing is:
one always leaves the classroom with a good feeling. I cant put in words what this workshop did with me.
It was like a journey to myself and even more. it was about my soul , my body, communication and about opening myself.
I came back as a different person and as a confident singer. Thank you
I learned things that will accompany me a whole lifetime and I made a quantum leap.
people say that my eyes shine differently. I sing differently. I make high tones with ease that last week
I could not even sing at all and have no horse on the next day. wow
can only say thank you. You opened up very important doors  for me.
you brought a lot of light in my life. i hope that the light youre sending out
comes all back to you. Big hug and thank you for your important teachings.
Dear Sandrina, if you ever meet somebody, where communication needs no words,
you met yourself and had the chance to recognise yourself. Thank you for all.
it was a gift that you walked into my musical life. You opened up many new dimensions of singing and writing.
Your playful way of teaching is so effective and practicable and shows immediate mind-blowing results.
And the biggest gift was helping us to love ourselves and our voice. You are a true role model.
Thank you so much for everything you gave so freely from your heart.
Sandrina has such a big appreciation for everybody that makes it easy to let go and to get the best out of everybody.
She is the only teacher that i know that becomes part of the "group" and that is what makes it so easy to learn from her.
she is so authentic and it is impossible to hide your true self in front of her and she teaches you how to love that true self .
besides all the fantastic technique she teaches, we all felt pretty soon that technique is 60%
and the other 40% that change the game from scratch, is what you think about yourself.
Thank you so much  or sharing and showing us All of you and for your dedication. I
go home so rich and nurtured, motivated and full of exploding ideas .-)
she puts complex things  so clear that you understand it immediately ,
her joy and enthrallment is addicting.her patience seems endless. she`s the best you can get.
Sandrina is  like a sunrise who brings all my inner flowers to bloom.
I never had a teacher like that...... sooo different...
a wonderful soul with limitless capacities and talents and a blessed teacher that goes deep..
This is what a real master should be.  I love to watch , to listen , to observe,
cause she is higly inspiring and motivating. I always get a lot out of it.
Sandrina shows and teaches straight to the point what it really is all about making music and singing.
all my music-professors at university could never reach me like that.
Sandrina is a firework of feelings, joy, music, ideas.
she is a demanding and caring, fostering bundle of energy .
Thanks to sandrina I could let go a big piece of my fears. Thank you so much.
There is so much love in everything she does. and that is what she teaches. music and love.
she is a mega super-professional and I learned not only about music but a lot about life and how to be more carefree.
what a release.That changed completely my singing. wow.
I never felt so good and save on stage since working with sandrina.
Now I finally can enjoy myself, my voice, my love for the music. Thank you from my soul.